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Aðalfundur Arna

Mætti á fund og tengdur strax í tölvuverk

Still getting “Lost in Iceland”

And lovin’ it.  Although the company you keep while travelling here makes the most difference.  Last week I travelled with three different groups but I still prefer and appreciate the groups I travelled with through Reyktour excursions.



Do I Want a D800 or 5D Mark III? Of course!!

I am taking part in a contest for a new camera, hoping sincerely that I get picked.  But in order for me to have a bigger chance I have an option on “advertizing” the contest a bit more.  One might wonder why point more people to the contest?  Then I have a lesser chance.  But in order to equalize the odds they give me 25 more tickets if I post this sentence here in my blog/website.  But then again, a new camera might give me the chance to start shooting pictures again, as you might want to look me up on flickr and 500.

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

Davíð frændi


Að reyna að “cracka/hakka” sig inná síðuna mína

Icelandair Annual ball

I went to Icelandairs Annual ball and had a great time as this pic shows.


Level 1 completed

Last weekend I completed my first trainers course. The mentor was Martin Rooney founder of Training For Warriors, the course was great and very motivating and will for sure change the way I train myself and open myself to train others. I did not take any pictures during the course but I might find a pic of the group online.
Want to learn more? Check out Training For Warriors


Went recently on a tour for Reyktour with a client to Landmannalaugar.  Of course I brought my camera with me and cought a few good frames.

Roadside assistance


Studio Night at Ljósop

Playing at Ljósop Studio

The beautiful model Biljana came for a visit on a meeting at the Ljósop Photoclub in Reykjanesbær.